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U.S. Laboratories
U.S. Laboratories

Our Story

U.S. Laboratories is a full-service provider of mobile laboratory and X-ray and ultrasound services. Headquartered in Brockton, Massachusetts, we service Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida. We are the only provider of both mobile x-ray, ultrasound and laboratory services in New England and Florida and have been in the business for more than 20 years.

Our clients are primarily long-term care skilled nursing facilities; we bring our diagnostic services to the patient’s bedside rather than forcing the patient to be transported for testing. This improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs. We also serve Hospitals, Physicians, Rehabilitation Centers, Home Care Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospice companies. We have advanced Laboratory and X-ray Equipment, and also offer Ultrasound, EKG, and Holter Monitor. Our phlebotomists and radiology technologists are trained to provide the highest possible quality of care, and they work with nurses and patients to make each exam a positive experience. Our attendance at infection control and quarterly meetings helps our facilities in gathering data, analyzing trends and meeting quality improvement needs.

Our state-of-the-art on-line system allows clients to view x-ray and ultrasound images and transcribed results from any Internet-accessible location. Laboratory tests may be ordered and results received as soon as completed and verified in our information system. Data can be trended graphically to view a patient’s history of an extended period of time. Past x-ray and ultrasound images can be retrieved and compared by clinicians from any Internet connection.

In addition to our long-term care clients, we also service physicians and patients in five patient service center locations throughout the states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida. We employ more than 250 employees including 150 phlebotomists, to ensure that your request is expedited and that your expectations are met. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.